Revised March 9, 2010. The Administrative Policies Framework Policy applies to all administrative policies. Mechanical Safety Inspection Program (16-04)(PDF, 216KB). Administrative policy to establish a response to an armed disturbance for employees and guests inside City facilities. The Owner shall follow the Administrative Policy Framework Procedures for the purposes of drafting, revising, approving, consolidating and retiring policies. Enacted November 7, 2018. Enacted August 23, 1971. Use the list below to find a policy, or you can find any policy by its name or number using our site's search bar. Enacted October 1, 2017. “Approver” means the senior administrator or body that has the authority to approve the policy, such as: 2. Revised December 14, 2013. Enacted June 16, 1988. Enacted December 5, 1984. “Policy Reconciliation” means the process of ensuring policy statements do not conflict and that policy duplication is minimized. Administrative policy about the correct display of the flag of the United States at City-owned places. Revised November 28, 2016. Administrative policy to support the use and reimbursement of City supplied devices and employee provided devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device). Revised March 9, 2010. Capital Project Planning and Review (79-01)(PDF, 55KB). ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL . Enacted November 25, 2013. Enacted October 1, 2017. administrative and diplomatic, administrative and military, or diplomatic and military) unlocks a policy. Revised March 9, 2010. Property Acquisition and Sale (81-01)(PDF, 74KB). Only templates of the vendors or … Continue reading "List of different Group Policy Templates (Updated)" Administrative policy to establish a protocol to facilitate investigation of certain deadly force incidents by outside agency. Efficient typing skills. In this regard, we have come up with samples of management and administrative policies for NGOs, which can be freely referred to for developing some of their own. Policies are listed alphabetically. Administrative policy about submitting proposed policies to the City Commission. Administrative orders are published in the Federal Register in forms other than those of executive orders, or proclamations, have been denominated as administrative orders when reproduced in CFR Title 3 compilations. City Commission Policy Manual (88-01)(PDF, 55KB). Revised June 29, 2015. These examples are functions that generally apply to every organization. Instagram, opens new window I have a lot to do with it in various projects and as a Microsoft trainer. ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL . Administrative policy regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. No. Enacted July 1, 1969. 8. Sexual Violence Policy: May 1, 2002: Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost : 150-30 : UCSF Industry Relations Policy: May 1, 2010: Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost : 200-15 : Mail Services: October 5, 2017: Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration : 200-16 Solicitation/Acceptance of Favors (74-07)(PDF, 48KB). Enacted August 18, 1986. 102 Administrative Organization Structure . Administrative policy governing the display of promotional material in the City workplace. The version posted on this website is the official version. This is a 9-page policy statement that covers the governing body, its structure, purpose, and governance policies. Administrative policy for construction contract bids and related professional services. Enacted April 1, 1973. Facebook, opens new window (DAS as an agency follows the statewide policies linked on this page. In addition, DAS maintains a separate webpage for its internal policies and procedures DAS employees may access the page on the DASH intranet.) You can paginate the results using the MaxItems and Marker parameters. Art, Memorials, and Related Gifts (89-03)(PDF, 82KB). Enacted June 1974. One of the most important policies for nonprofits and those entities needing to comply with Sarbanes Oxley. The values of equity, diversity and inclusion, illustrates the University’s commitment to creating an open and accessible environment that is vibrant, inclusive and representative of an institution of excellence. 1.22 - Authorized County Drivers and Operation of County Vehicles - Rescinded and replaced with Administrative Policy & Procedure No. Administrative policy to enhance the growth and development of small business. Each list item of the policy is a string that contains an extension ID and, optionally, an "update" URL separated by … These policies are sets of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern the City's employees. Administrative policy for the revised New Equipment List. Administrative policy to identify a  City logo. 105 Office Maintenance . LinkedIn, opens new window, Administrative Policies Framework Procedure. Administrative policy to establish a guide for capital project priorities to the City Manager. Revised March 6, 1995. 1.25 - … Enacted January 2, 1983. Refuse and recycle services are not delayed. Revised September 23, 2003. City offices are closed on Monday, January 18, for Martin Luther King Jr day. Click here for the Telework Form. Enacted March 5, 2001. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Lens (Appendix A of the Procedure) guides policy Owners and Approvers to follow a drafting, review, and consultation process that addresses systemic barriers, fairness and flexibility, competing interests, and encourages the use of inclusive language. Enacted July 6, 1973. Special Events Permit Fees (17-03)(PDF, 429KB). developing your own policies and procedures. Administrative policy  for acceptance of public art, memorials and related gifts as public property owned by the City of Grand Rapids. Enacted November 11, 1982. Investigations by Regulatory Agencies (02-01)(PDF, 50KB). (a)   be broad enough to allow flexibility in dealing with diverse situations while ensuring that decisions are made based on consistent principles, values and considerations; (b)   contain focused statements of the University’s intent, governing principles, or desired results related to the subject; (c)   include use of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Lens, included as an Appendix to the Procedure; (d)   be developed through a consultation process; (e)   be reviewed on a regular basis after the effective date; (f)   give substance to the University’s mission, vision and values statements and the Academic Plan; (g)   comply with legislated requirements; (h)   comply with government directives and policy requirements; and. City Commission Agenda (81-02)(PDF, 226KB). Administrative policy to establish a consistent City-wide general approach to special events. Street and Intersection Widening-Planning Commission Review Procedures (97-01)(PDF, 791KB). Administrative policy ensuring the safety of City employees in tornado emergency situations. Administrative policy to establish a uniform policy for the administration of the Video Service Providers Capital Equipment Grant Program. This policy requires that the Guest Configuration prerequisites have been deployed to the policy … Enacted May 15, 1969. Enacted November 1, 2006. 5. (b)   ensuring a coordination of policies within the Approver’s area of responsibility; and. An administrative order (i.e., findings, letters, orders) can be issued. ERGs exist to benefit and advance employees and the City by working strategically, both internally and externally, to elevate the collective value and voices of our diverse communities. Rest Breaks and Lunch Periods (75-07)(PDF, 49KB). Administrative policy to identify a City memorandum paper for the City. Administrative policy for the use of answering machines by City employees. In addition to these common documents, employees also often seek procurement guidance from the Department of General Services. To sort by number, select the Number column and select "A on top." The Tompkins County Administrative Policy Manual contains the policies and procedures that guide the operation of County government, in compliance with Federal, State, and Local law and consistent with legislative policy. Enacted January 26, 1973. Administrative policy regarding City employees rest breaks and lunch periods. 1 - Reimbursement of Employees' Expenses (Amended May 23, 2006). Revised June 25, 1993. 1.22 - Authorized County Drivers and Operation of County Vehicles - Rescinded and replaced with Administrative Policy & Procedure No. Enacted March 28, 2017. Revised April 15, 1991. Administrative policy establishing evacuation procedures. These policies are sets of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern the City's employees. Administrative policy to ensure that the City's computer resources are used properly. Revised June 7, 2019. Administrative policy to reduce inflow of stormwater into the City’s sanitary sewers. Find out about policies, procedures, and departments related to administrative responsibilities. A company's policies can include: The company’s stance on time off, vacation days and holidays. Footing Drain Disconnection Program (11-01)(PDF, 162KB) Enacted October 7, 1973. Enacted October 23, 1974. In this regard, we have come up with samples of management and administrative policies for NGOs, which can be freely referred to for developing some of their own. Electronic Communications, Computer Resources, Computer Related Professional Services, and Related Hardware and Software: Acquisition and Use (84-02)(PDF, 183KB). Administrative policy to establish soil erosion and sedimentation control procedures. “Owner” means the department or business unit (Financial Services or Human Resources for example) that is the primary stakeholder responsible for developing, reviewing, interpreting, and administering a policy. Administrative policy to ensure equal opportunity in all employment practices, including those with diseases such as AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B. Administrative policy for zoning fee refund requests. Accordingly, university policy requires that service units, auxiliary enterprises, clinical operations, and other agency special activities be charged for a share of centrally budgeted administrative and facility costs in the form of an administrative overhead rate. This Policy does not apply to Senate policies or departmental policies. Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance (95-04)(PDF, 61KB). Administrative policy to encourage employees to develop ideas to better serve the citizens of Grand Rapids. Policies are a set of bonuses unlocked by completing idea groups.Each possible pair of ideas from different types (i.e. Revised September 23, 2003. Enacted May 17, 1995. The following Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs) set forth the policies governing JPOIG employee conduct.6 The APPs are established pursuant to the authority conferred upon the Inspector General.7 The Inspector General reserves the right to amend these APPs or … Expressive Activity on Public Property (17-02)(PDF, 159KB). Administrative policy to insure drug-free environment for the citizens and employees of the City of Grand Rapids. administrative and diplomatic, administrative and military, or diplomatic and military) unlocks a policy. Development Review Procedures (85-02)(PDF, 53KB). This policy establishes various administrative processes for City staff to efficiently and objectively process the applications for marijuana land use applications. Video Service Grant Administration (13-03)(PDF, 147KB). Grand Rapids Information Network (GRIN) (88-02)(PDF, 57KB). Enacted March 12, 1982. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program (16-01)(PDF, 251KB). Freedom of Information Act (91-02)(PDF, 602KB) Enacted February 27, 1995. The goal is to foster proactive and productive project discussions. When considering a sample policy or procedure, be sure to read them thoroughly and make appropriate changes to ensure they match your organizational needs. These policies, procedures, and checklists successfully recognize the limits of providing employees proper guidance for appropriate behavior at work and draw a line between that and employee lives outside of the workplace. Since there are 6 administrative, 6 diplomatic, and 7 military idea groups, there are 6 * 6 + 6 * 7 + 6 * 7 = 120 different policies. Enacted August 18, 2020. Neighborhood Business District Identification Signs and Directories (85-01)(PDF, 50KB). Administrative policy for tools, equipment, facilities, and property use. Revised December 27, 1997. (c)   obtaining the President’s approval of policies. Administrative policy to establish policies and procedures consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Revised November 14, 2002. 4. Administrative policy to control alcoholism amongst the employees of the City. Absence for Military Service (14-01)(PDF, 213KB). 7. University of California policy information is issued by the Office of the President and implemented by campus offices. Revised July 7, 2019. Administrative policy that permits the City of Grand Rapids to contract with the State of Michigan. Enacted July 2, 1983. Administrative policy governing the implementation of the ordinance regulating residential rental application fees. Enacted March 23, 2015. Some examples of organizational policies include staff recruitment, conflict resolution processes, employees code of conduct, internal and external relationships, confidentiality, community resource index (CRI), compensation, safety and security, and ethics. Administrative policy governing the usage and disposing of records which contains Social Security Numbers. The following is a partial list of templates that are included with the Management Template library: Board Governance Policy. Administrative policy governing how the City organization handles media requests. Enacted June 23, 1993. Enacted November 3, 1994. Administrative policy about street and intersection widening. CONTENTS . Policy Statement. 3. It is possible to have more than one owner for a policy. 6. 104 Telephone Usage/Maintenance . Revised April 1, 2013. Administrative policy to facilitate the flow of information between the City, all City departments, and the media. Use the list below to find a policy, or you can find any policy by its name or number using our site's search bar.