Should have sent a benchmark stl to both and compare the actual print quality. No help with mesh integrity meant getting anything to pass the checks was a nightmare. Man kann damit sogar einen eigenen Shop eröffnen und seine Objekte dort verkaufen. Thanks for sharing Sculpteo bietet jedermann schnellen Online 3D-Druckservice. Sculpteo offers a few more printing types th… Depending on different checkers, and how much they want to measure, very similar models could be passed or failed inconsistently. You will not be charged for more intricate or highly detailed parts. Use all the tricks I'm aware of to the best of my ability has increased my printability rate. Shapeways vs. Sculpteo Well, I managed to get a 3D model of my building blocks put together (Thanks Paul) and I've turned to 2 online services to get some of them 3D printed. Besides printing your models, both Sculpteo and Shapeways allow you to manage a virtual store. The companies use professional grade 3D printers to create multiple smaller objects for various customers at the same time. I’d just discovered a 3D printing service online and was ecstatic. Now let’s dive into the specifics of Sculpteo and Shapeways. The second part is passing thinness checks. I am still awaiting news on my dice holder. 6 Best Sketchup Alternatives in 2021 You’ll Love. Memiliki Paten, yang lain tidak memberi mereka posisi yang kuat. Both Shapeways and Sculpteo are great printing services. Once you have resolved the issues and submitted an updated file, the model will be sent to a queue for the next available batch at the 3D printer it needs. Editorial content, on principle, can not be bought or influenced. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The 2 services I decided to use, primarily based upon price, were Shapeways and Sculpteo. Expedited orders: Sculpteo is built for turning out your objects as quickly as you need them. On Shapeways, it takes about 2-5 days for the model to be approved and another week for the printing to happen. E.g. Once the model is approved by the auto check, it then gets passed to an engineer for a manual check. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Plastics: nylons, flexibles, aluminium, glass, carbon, Resins: polyjet, acrylate, polyurethane, flexibles, Multi-color/Full color: composite multi-color, Metal: aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, Wax: brass, sterling silver, steel, bronze, Plastics: strong, flexibles, nylons, frosted-detail, metallic, elastic, Metals: steel, silver, aluminum, gold platinum, brass, bronze. Their thinness check is also real-time. Once you have pricing, then you can decide on how quickly you need to receive the parts. For repairs, you get three options: automatic, semi-automatic, or manual fixes. We have years of experience designing 3D CAD STL files for 3D … Điều gì làm cho Shapeways khác nhau? Thousands of people frequent them every day. I’m not sure what algorithm they’re using to fix my models, but even the most troublesome ones have successfully been patched. As well, they each ship all around the world. This could be very slow (and sometimes inconsistent). They are still very fast with their other materials, just not 1 day fast. As well, you can see pricing, estimated shipping and suggestions of which materials to use depending on your models. Also, you will never have to worry about the quality of the final product as it is hand inspected by a professional before shipping. sculpteo vs shapeways. The Shapeways boat showed no steps at all, with perfectly smooth surfaces in the image to the left, whereas the Sculpteo boat showed two (which one could remove by polishing the surface). This also goes for parts that are hollowed with very tiny openings for powder removal - Shapeways builds, cleans, and sorts several thousand parts daily and if you part takes one person half an hour to clean it goes against their business model. EXPENSIVE. For Rakdos, it took me about 4 days of fixing to get Shapeways/Netfabb to accept my model. The base price comparison is a little unfair because they are so different. The company has been in business since 2009. First, you create an object using the program of your choice and upload that object through the website of the 3Dpritning service. On Shapeways, when you upload a model, the model is checked for integrity, and an email is sent to you whether it passes the tests  (no manifolds, no holes, etc). Nice work btw. Shapeways provides cheap shipping without minimum order requirements. It heavily depends on the checker to catch if anything’s too thin, by measuring with the Netfabb ruler. This also means if you don’t have a 3D model you want printed, you can easily search through the stores and marketplaces until you find one you like. I absolutely love their mesh integrity services. They both have an awesomely large range of materials to choose from, and super friendly customer service. Passing the mesh integrity test is only the first step towards passing printability. Though Sculpteo has a bulk discount option, the discount is not nearly enough to match Shapeways’ prices. Both Sculpteo and Shapeways offer great 3D printing solutions for those of us who can’t afford or don’t want to invest in our own 3D printer.
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