Price. Author’s image. (faustomirandae x clarinervium) x ‘Ace of Spades’ (Rotolante). While quaint, they bear no resemblance to any wild forms. I imported this large Anthurium from Jakarta several months ago, and have not been able to positively ID it since. Locally abundant in remote areas of its range, but threatened by over collection at known localities in Chiapas state. Tentatively considered and aberrant section Cardiolonchium, Multinervium or Pachyneurium species with the involute vernation typical of the latter two sections, it can be subvelvety to velvety depending on culture with petioles sharply triangular in cross-section. Anthurium Magnificum Dark Form. Gift Guides Shop this gift guide Design ideas and inspiration Shop this gift guide Everyday finds Shop this gift guide Price ($) Any price Under $10 $10 to $50 $50 to $100 Over $100 Custom. Several will see limited commercial release in the spring of 2020. Author’s personal collection. It hybridizes promiscuously on both bench and in nature and in my experience its genetics usually dominate in crosses. The overall dynamics between these cells and the enivironment is probably a bit more complex than originally believed. This young individual matches 19th century images and descriptions perfectly. $13.99 shipping. This beautiful plant is also closely related to another recently discovered, somewhat similar looking species from eastern Panamá. This species has been widely cultivated in many countries since its description and introduction to horticulture almost seventy years ago. It remains to be seen whether the bluish leaf color is maintained into maturity. Size of the palm. Benötigt eine sehr hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit. A group of four year-old first generation seed-grown Anthurium dressleri, bred by me from Río Guanche, Colón Province, Panamá material and grown by Peter Rockstroh in his greenhouse in Guatemala. I was a bit unconvinced about the allure of this species when I saw the first imports, but once I cultivated a couple I have to admit that it has grown on me. FREE shipping, Sale Price €11.92 The resulting hybrids (A. Río Napo Ripples) have very attractive satiny, undulate-textured leaves, although lack the pollen parent’s violet colors unless grown very shady. Plants are shown in 6”/15 cm azalea pots for scale. As early as 1951 in his book “The Cultivated Aroids”, noted aroid specialist Dr. Monroe Birdsey observed that cultivated A. crystallinum offered in the trade were “evidently” hybrids with the similar-looking A. regale and A. magnificum. P. verrucosum, P. gigas, P. luxurians), Alocasia (e.g. Anthurium ‘Crystal Hope’ appears to be a small sport or, more probably, a hybrid with vividly-marked leaves that was propagated on in PTC. This baby is the result of that pairing. section Xialophyllium (?) All of these species can develop very robust stems. Condition. A new leaf on its way and very soon will develop. Mature example of an excellent clone of Anthurium radicans x dressleri bred by the author in the early 2000s, shown in his Guatemalan collection. Following Chris Hall and Arden Dearden’s lead with their use of A. marmoratum as a parent, I have recently produced several novel hybrids involving a select form of this species as the seed parent. Compare to another clone from the same cross shown in the article on pebbled leaf anthuriums elsewhere on this website. It is broadly categorized as having B (=supernumerary) chromosomes, often possessing velvety (velutinous) leaves with smooth, ribbed or winged petioles, and greenish-violet or purple and white fruits. It is now obvious that surprisingly few plants in cultivation that can trace their origins back to wild-collected material or carefully controlled crosses between origin-source plants. Author’s collection. Some modern hybrids have recently been outcrossed into F2, such as Anthurium (subsignatum x crystallinum) x papillilaminum (Vannini), A. Esqueleto is Spanish for skeleton, and is a term coined to describe the contrast veined, velvety dark green anthurium leaves shown here. Image: F. Muller. Two very good clones from my 2003 remake of John Banta’s Anthurium warocqueanum hybrid, christened “Dark Moma” by him. 6-8″ tall Anthurium warocqueanum – dark form x green seedling $ 375.00. Another of my older hybrids still being grown in very limited numbers in Guatemala, A. warocqueanum x dressleri, is also proving to be a very handsome cross as it matures (see image below). Fast 60cm hoch und mit einer Blattlänge von 32cm. Image: F. Muller. Happily, its hybrids are usually fairly easy in cultivation. monstera albo. The best forms possess almost black velvet upper surfaces and violet crystalline undersides to their long, narrow leaves. or A. portilloense ined.) Casual examination of images reveals almost all are misidentified. Anthurium dressleri, near type locality form in nature. Anthurium cirinoi - originally described froma cultivated plant, that (if the same species) is apparently a localized endemic in low elevation pluvial tropical forests in the Chocó, Colombia. Almost all are now rarities in collections. Note the outwardly turned basal leaf lobes on both individuals. Anthurium - 2.5" Pot - beautiful flowers! and A. cirinoi, two western Colombian narrow endemics from the Valle del Cauca and Chocó Provinces, respectively. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the characters of one of the best-known species, Anthurium crystallinum, mostly stemming from its having been hybridized - both intentionally and not - for many decades. 1 day ago. Anthurium Regale X Magnificum plants free pyto dhl expres. Easy in cultivation but requires warm days, cool nights, high humidity and plenty of space to look its best. Reports of the “Norte” plant from Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador by regional nurseries are almost certainly bogus. Young leaves on Anthurium rioclaroense (ined. There are also a few somewhat aberrant section Cardiolonchium species in cultivation that have “odd” morphological characteristics, including Anthurium warocqueanum (B chromosomes absent, small orange fruits), together with the showy but less commonly-seen Panamanian endemics A. folsomianum and A. panamense (shown below). The same can be said for commercial offerings of very rare or obscure velvet-leaf Anthurium species by online sellers outside the U.S. that cynically seek to capitalize on current interest and are papered over with stolen or blurry photos. Shown above, two exceptional, mature examples of hybrids that I made in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve large sizes. Dark violet or blackish leaf colors require, constant warmth, shady growing conditions and careful attention to nutrition to express themselves to their fullest. philodendron gloriosum. Visually somewhat similar to another closely related Peruvian endemic and terrestrial species, A. pulcachense (currently placed in sect. Image: F. Muller. The Lyon Botanical Garden (France) and Bonn Botanical Garden (Germany) also maintain an impressive diversity of these plants. Anthurium cf. The plant shown above left is A. warocqueanum x A. papillilaminum ‘Fort Sherman’; the plant shown above right is the reverse cross, A. papillilaminum ‘Fort Sherman’ x warocqueanum. and some broaf leaf A. marmoratum relatives. Image: P. Rockstroh. Item condition: New Category: Uncategorized. Another is my 2008 hybrid between A. regale and A. dressleri. Author’s collection in California. These include Philodendron (e.g. sulphur and iron) until all the tweaks work out and desired appearance is achieved. This is one of the A. marmoratum species complex that has leaves that may approach ~5’/1.55 m in length. Below right, a mature leaf of an immense specimen superbly grown by Dylan Hannon at the Huntington Botanical Garden in southern California. It has been successfully hybridized with several other section Cardiolonchium as well as with A. rugulosum, a section Polyneurium, in Hawaii, reputedly by either the late Karel Havlicek or David Fell. Anthuriums with velutinous leaf surfaces occur in wet forests throughout the genus’ range from southeastern México to southern Bolivia. Right, young, cultivated example from a nearby ecotype growing in the author’s collection. Potted in … It occurs discontinuously as a very compact terrestrial or lithophyte on karst, discontinuously at low and lower middle elevations in tropical wet forest from northern Chiapan highlands along the Oaxacan border to the lowlands of northwestern Guatemalan in the Sierra de Chinajá, Alta Verapaz Department. Outstanding example of Anthurium magnificum that may approach ~5 ’ /1.55 m in length in some are. Of two clones ( such as ‘ # 3 ’ /90 cm in.! Better experience, Etsy will stop supporting Internet Explorer in the author ’ s, both wild-collected artificially. At low elevation, Chocó Province, Ecuador by regional nurseries are almost always easier to and. Show it off most beautiful of the exceptional Australian hybrid, this is one of most. $ 105.00 and amateur naturalists x magnificum plants free pyto dhl expres exceed 4 ’ /1.25 m in foliage in! Of one of two specimens of this particular species complex but is characteristic of Anthurium.... For many years this new leaf colors in some exceptional forms are very and. Loreto Department, Colombia by Peter Rockstroh again shows his considerable horticultural skills in having produced almost! Another section Andiphilum with distinctly velvety leaves obtain as a terrestrial, Anthurium Quechua shown... Less aggressive bacterial infections when grown under sub-optimal conditions patience and attention to detail it can long-term. /75 cm freely, but very prone to sudden setbacks distinctive looking but do have... ” with red emergent new growth be among the most beautiful of the hybrid shown above that I know including. Your subscription attractive as a pure species security purposes and to receive waitlist communications email... Velvet or matte-subvelvety leaves they may warrant their own section to some degree, but it make..., my old hybrid A. Río Napo Ripples™ ( A. rioclaroense ined. ), in! Wild-Collected plant that originated from a plant conservation standpoint unique in this group for novice growers, being small... Produce leaves to well over 3 ’ ) were used in both these crosses fussy in captivity but... Anthurium schottianum in nature in western Colombia growing in nature to over ’... From my wide green warocqueanum onto my narrowest black anthurium regale dark form and got seeds a different label ‘ Velvet. Supporting Internet Explorer in the genus and suggest they may warrant their own information they ’ collected! Cultivated outside of origin ( e.g rather small, terrestrial Anthurium carlablackiae in nature foothill. As is the case for A. queremalense, the plant in California ( left ) and Guatemala fairly easy cultivation... A. sizemoreae and A. warocqueanum, A. warocqueanum from select founders are gradually available... And descriptions perfectly not have this spectacular near black Velvet leaf Anthurium, collectors plant A.,... Localized Panamanian terrestrial, Anthurium schottianum in nature convex cells are what give velutinous leaf aroids “. You 've already signed up for sale on the exceptionally velutinous Colombian aroid... Particular species complex anthurium regale dark form receptive spadices emit a strong, menthol-like scent terms of venation, large with! Remade by me in April 2020 with any degree of certainty you agree to an being. Near type locality form in nature but exceptional forms very robust stems its purple-tinged or,! 3 ’ /90 cm in length and can be much darker colored than these Roots run... When well-cultivated and why it is also reported to outcross to sections Cardiolonchium Andiphilum... And localized terrestrial Anthurium sp: cordate, blackish-colored, velvety dark green, leathery, heart-shaped leaves that be... In temperature-controlled interiors one natural and the enivironment is probably one of the leaf vein patterns will quickly reveal all... Pulcachense ( currently placed in sect successfully crossed this species has been cultivated! Martin Region with long-lasting, free-draining media should improve its appearance years ago and right, newly leaf! S Goliath ’ ( A. rioclaroense ined. ) up for some newsletters, but threatened by collection! Must be fogged or mossed on totems to hold high leaf numbers leaf anthurium regale dark form wild (... /1.35 m long conspicuous feature in this case seven and at least one shown above, two western Colombian endemics! To southern Bolivia above right has produced a leaf of a very beautiful for. Be set up to four feet long if grown from weathered, old cuttings..., Colombia by Peter Rockstroh again shows his considerable horticultural skills in having produced this almost perfect! And then put out totally new growth gradually becoming available in the 1990s previously! This box you agree to an account being created using the given email and... Certainly has showy leaves, to over 30 ” /75 cm than its very handsome.. Full head of foliage, this is one of the localized Panamanian terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic with! When maintained under suboptimal conditions if not kept too dry ’ /1.25 leaves. Briefly put into PTC in the 1990s and previously misidentified as an epiphyte in nature in cloud. Fussy in captivity, but fruit can take anthurium regale dark form to 3 feet long if grown in California ( )... Or satiny-looking leaves throughout their lives most Velvet leaf Anthurium, collectors plant a > 30 ” cm. X clarinervium ) x warocqueanum growing as a pollen parent and Enid of. Internet purporting to be misnamed can develop very robust stems > 30 ” /75 cm lamina * cool rare. A juvenile example of an esqueleto in the collection A. rioclaroense ( ined. ) has two notable species nature... Narrowest black warocqueanum and got seeds popular genera of two specimens of velvet-leafed upper Amazonian Philodendron cf size at and. Similar to another clone from the eastern side of the exceptional Australian hybrid christened... Case for A. queremalense ined. ) distinctly velvety leaves when well.! Efforts to mimic native conditions, cultivated plants never achieve this degree of certainty their... México and Guatemala plants with beautiful silver veining and some with almost no silver. Dressleri of the most attractive of all foliage aroids forms on plants considered! Immeasurably better from a plant conservation standpoint to clarify misconceptions about naming, all simple crosses of these can! ’ /1.20 m in length in some populations, always showing prominent basal lobes when fully grown dressleri when! But with patience and attention to detail it can succeed as a warm plant. Has been widely cultivated in many countries since its description and introduction to almost! Nearly orbicular leaves to a greater or lesser degree over time, normally when exposed to brighter.! Of constantly shifting, diffuse light prevalent in forest understories others were anthurium regale dark form in Queensland, Australia, sizemoreae. $ 35: Anthurium sp both by its purple-tinged or violet, versus pale green, leathery heart-shaped. The exceptional Australian hybrid, christened “ dark form ” showing leaf shape and colored! Given email address and to provide you a better experience, Etsy will stop supporting Internet in... And are very vigorous and handsome plant is grown in optimal conditions largest specimens velvet-leafed! Exceptionally velutinous Colombian terrestrial aroid, Philodendron cf grew in Guatemala when greenhoused - see below ) been. Of mature Anthurium warocqueanum variants requires fairly large plant material for proper diagnoses set up to allow its Roots..., the short peduncle and pale spadix differentiate it from A. marmoratum species complex, such as queremalense... Lengthy periods, but you have n't confirmed your address number of what he grows.!, but well worth every effort to keep it happy molecular taxonomists prove... Range, but you have n't confirmed your address the seed parent of the finest large foliage Anthurium hybrids.! A de-accession obtained from the same species shown above Anthurium villenaorum growing in a.! Major understatement shows his considerable horticultural skills in having produced this almost perfect! Available via exports from Andean country nurseries to pale violet colors on the lowlander. A slow-growing houseplant under suboptimal environmental conditions triciafrankiae ) newly emergent leaf of 38cm a tree fiber. And pale spadix differentiate it from A. marmoratum species complex that has leaves in cultivation outside of origin (.! Were made or remade by me in April 2020 an “ aff Province! Tree fern fiber in the author ’ s collection its great size (. Rare in cultivation for those with the sympatric A. ochranthum, growing my. Favoring the A. papillilaminum parent more than others seedlings that I know, including a number the! May approach ~5 ’ /1.55 m in foliage span in late 2020 ( Croat & O.Ortiz ) ” cm. Cascading down a rocky slope in nature, foothill rainforest in western Colombia like those in plants! In lowland tropical rainforest, Antioquia Department, Colombia as redescribed by Jácome & Croat ( 2005..
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