Rule book; Levels; Classes; Jump Heights; UKI Information Videos; Corona Virus – UKI Safety Measures and Trial Guidelines; Hosting a trial ; News; Judges; Login/Register » Jump Heights. If these two measurements put the dog in two different agility jump heights, then a third measurement is required to determine the dog’s official jump height. 31 Oct 2016 Steve Schwarz. United States Dog Agility Association, Plano, Texas. Measurement at Withers (shoulders) Minimum Jump Height* 12” or under 8” Above 12” to 16” 12” Above 16” to 19” 14” Above 19” to 21” 16 Above 21 20” *Note: USDAA allows handlers to choose to jump higher than the jump heights listed in the above tables, which is why the jump heights are listed as Minimum Jump Height. whatever the jump heights are your dog would jump the closest under the height of the dog. USDAA jump heights are higher than pretty much every other US venue, I believe. AgilityNerd is the oldest dog agility blog with articles on agility training, dog handling, agility courses, agility course analysis, agility equipment and agility videos. Based on their math, my dog would be jumping at 137% of his jump height if I entered him in 12″ championship (which is greater than the ratio that many of the dogs that will now be benefiting from 14 and 18″ heights used to have to do). It may or may not be accurate. Preferred in AKC would have my dogs jumping 4" only. The Agility Open Website; World Agility Open Website; Compete. Tape color of your choice. USDAA has announced a change in the jump height performance standards and cutoffs. Lately there have been a lot of discussions about jump heights due to the USDAA adjusting some of their jump heights.That got me thinking that it would be helpful to create a chart to let competitors visually compare the jump heights and dog height cutoffs for the primary US organizations and their competition programs. I’ve got a proposal I’d like them to consider. Jump heights range from 12-26" depending on the dog. 14 Apr 2014 Steve Schwarz. An additional position for a bar placed 2 to 6 inches above the ground is also required. The agility jump includes three 1″ PVC bars, 4 ft. or 5 ft. length; and 20 snap on jump cups. Starters and Advanced dogs will not qualify if they receive any scored faults or time faults. For 2014, the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) added new jump heights to their dog courses. My dogs CAN jump 12" and have even accidentally taken 16" jumps but I'd rather play it safe. In the tire jump, the dog jumps through the round tire which is placed in the middle of a frame. 5. Regular Jump Height: Dog’s Height: A-frame. Before you enter a USDAA trial, try to get your trainer to help you get a more accurate measurement on your dog. In USDAA Agility the measurement printed on the blue temporary height card is just the height that you filled in when you registered your dog, nothing else. A 10″ jump height would also be more equitable when you look at the chart that USDAA posted along with the change. Determining your Dog's Jump Height. I choose to stick to my dogs' normal height. CPE is usually best for beginners as the jump heights are lower and the setting is a little more relaxed. Here are some of them, with answers: Q: I can’t find a description of the what obstacles are used for the “P1″ jumpers and standard classes. Measure him from the side, and use a yardstick or measuring tape. Just simply snap on jump cups on height of your preference. USDAA ® is pleased to announce a new, special opportunity for competitors who enjoy the challenge and variety of the USDAA titling program. Close. Height at Withers Jump Height Options 12” or less 4”, 8” 16” or less 4”, 8” 20” or less 4”, 8”, 12” Over 20” 8”, 12”, 16” • Leashes o To comply with local leash ordinances and for general safety when working in open spaces, a leash, including a long line, may be used for safety in USDAA@Home! Jump heights must be designated on the uprights by number or color coded. In agility there are several different organizations each with their own set of rules, jump heights, levels and qualifiers. USDAA just released new jump height information. Checkout the info here: A flexible trial atmosphere, two Standard runs a day, and the addition of games like Tunnelers, Weavers, and Touch N Go also differentiated NADAC from other American agility organizations, including its early counterpart, USDAA. USDAA Please Require Four Paws on the Ground Before Calling an Off Course. Want to know what height class your dog will jump in agility? The chart starts at 10″. USDAA is a little tougher and the jumps are higher unless you enter in Performance level which has its own set of qualifiers but the jumps are 4″ less. USDAA Jump Height Study Discussion in 'Agility' started by corbinam, Jan 9, 2012. New USDAA jump heights announced. Pick a tape color of your choice and view the bar tape style on This value does not determine the jump height the dog should be entered in. About Dog Agility Training. Sort of amusing are the new USDAA jump heights, just because you wouldn't think they could really go wrong with this. 06 Jan 2020 Steve Schwarz. If it were up to me I'd say no dog should have to jump higher than it's actual height. The teeter (totter) or see-saw is an eight foot plank that is like a teeter in a playground. i.e. Unless a jump is specified as a One Bar Jump by the judge, all jumps shall have at least two bars. The agility jump includes three 3/4″ PVC bars, 47″ length or 60″ length; and 20 snap on jump cups. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The agility organizations have the following jump height divisions: AKC. Includes two 1″ PVC jump bars, 4 ft. or 5 ft. length. Home. I really underestimated how unnecessarily complicated USDAA can make things. Agility and Rally qualification-eligible events is now open. 5. Share your photos, videos, recommendations, training … Press J to jump to the feed. I just run Fran in Performance so she usually jumps 8". Testing different heights for Championship, I guess. I mean, short of making everyone jump HIGHER I thought this announcement could only be good for USDAA. They must have a score of 85 or higher to qualify. 14,618 likes. The PVC is weather resistance, UV -stable, and will not fade in sun (no sun lotion needed and unfortunately will not tan either!). This dog agility USDAA Double Jump is made of 1″ PVC Schedule 40. Heights are marked 8″ thru 22″, but you can set the height higher than 22″ for your big dog. First measure your dog: Measuring him from the ground to the top of his "withers", or shoulders (which is the highest point at the nape of the neck, where the bottom of the neck meets the back). The table below shows which heights dogs will jump at. This dog agility USDAA triple jump is made of 1″ PVC Schedule 40, is light weight and easy to transport. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, strong solid white vinyl panels on sides, with 20 aluminum or PVC snap-on-cups attached. The new 2017 jump heights for the Championship, Performance, Veterans and Intro programs are as follows: This amendment to jump heights requires no equipment modifications since it utilizes jump heights currently in place. Meeker's First USDAA Trial. We have all the classes listed for AKC, UKI, USDAA, NADAC, and DOCNA! 16 Apr 2008 Steve Schwarz. New USDAA jump heights . Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > corbinam Moderator. USDAA senior judge Dave Hanson kindly shared his technique for using a standard wing jump and a second simply constructed jump to create correct jump heights/spread widths for USDAA Championship spread jumps (aka "double" jumps) while simplifying height changes. At the Hill Country Agility trial on 4-7-12. In recent years USDAA has been moving faster to update their rules to meet the requests of competitors. Enrollment for the first USDAA@Home! For the first time, USDAA will host a national titling championship event the 2020 All-Around Dog Agility Championship (AADAC) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, October 22-25, 2020.. 2.7k members in the Agility community. USDAA@Home now offers a new avenue to earn credits toward titling -- from home. The courses are run under Masters rules, but everything is time+faults so it changes up the game up a bit since you can have a mistake and not have it hurt you very much. Their performance height in USDAA is the normal height in other venues. The dog must go up the teeter and tip it under its own weight, and continue down the plank to the end. He says, "These were important additions to our framework of competition. Partner: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height: $25.00 Tournament Qualifiers Dog Agility Steeplechase® Performance Speed Jumping SUB-TOTAL $40.00 Dog Registration (if not previously registered) - ATTACH SEPARATE FORM or Register Online Discount (see footnote below for terms, if any discount is offered) TOTAL FEES GENERAL AGREEMENT ACCEPTANCE: Through my signature, I declare that I have read USDAA … displaceable tires, contact obstacles without slats, and jump height exemptions. AKC AND USDAA AGILITY AKC USDAA Collars Dog may run with collar Dog must run naked (without collar) Scoring Novice and Open dogs may still qualify with some scored faults and time faults. USDAA Spread Jumps Made Easy! USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch believes that the new jump heights will benefit the USDAA program. Well Meeker and I put on our “big boy pants” and tried his first USDAA agility trial this past weekend (only my second USDAA trial). Agility Jump Height Calculator. different jump heights (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 26 inches). User account menu. Partner: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height: $65.00 Tournaments Dog Agility Masters® Team Versatility Pairs Versatility Pairs list only one partner; if blank or incorrect, entry will be for draw team: #1: Handler: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height: #2: Handler: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height: Team / Pair Name: $25.00 Misc Masters Challenge Biathlon $25.00 Misc Performance Challenge Biathlon Saturday. Championship (DAM) teams have 3 members in 1-2 jump heights and Performance (PVP) Pairs have 2 members in any jump height. Skip to primary navigation; Skip to main content; Skip to footer; 602-885-3497 Club-Doggie Dog Training. Dog Agility and More - InPerson, Online. Log In Sign Up. We get many questions about USDAA agility, how it compares to other venues and what to enter as a beginner. Posted by. Contact Sports Agility hosted the trial at a nice indoor soccer facility in Crystal Lake, IL. This subreddit is all about the sport of dog agility. PVC’s are weather resistance, UV -stable, will not fade in sun.
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