the times of india | dec 26, 2020, 21:20:43 ist Latest new live: Magnitude 4.1 earthquake hits Diglipur in Andaman and Nicobar Stay with us for all live updates from across India. Depth: 14 km. Javascript must be enabled to view our earthquake maps. F. 2020-12-22 17:21:53 UTC 2.3 magnitude, 11 km depth Greenback, Tennessee, United States. The last strong one struck in the 1990s when … By CNS • Published December 25, 2020 • Updated on December 26, 2020 at 11:16 am A magnitude 3.6 earthquake was reported Friday afternoon near Thermal, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami (also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami and, by the scientific community, the Sumatra–Andaman earthquake) occurred at 07:58:53 in local time on 26 December, with an epicentre off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia.It was an undersea megathrust earthquake that registered a magnitude of 9.1–9.3 M w, reaching a Mercalli intensity up … If the application does not load, try our legacy Latest Earthquakes application. 2003 A magnitude 6.6 earthquake devastates southeast Iranian city of Bam, killing tens of thousands and destroying the citadel of Arg-é Bam. 2020-12-26 05:11:52 UTC at 05:11 December 26, 2020 UTC Location: Epicenter at 35.075, -84.694 11.2 km from Benton (7.2 miles) Eastern Tennessee. Earthquake information for europe. 2020-12-24 22:32:54 UTC at 22:32 December 24, 2020 UTC Location: Epicenter at -6.469, 150.808 125.2 km from Kimbe (78.2 miles) Eastern New Guinea, Papua New Guinea. 2.1 magnitude earthquake. EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Centre) provides real time earthquake information for seismic events with magnitude larger than 5 in the European Mediterranean area and … World earthquake list. Latest Earthquakes in the world. Depth: 10 km Turkey's Interior … A powerful earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, on December 26, 2004 sets off a tsunami that wreaks death and devastation across the Indian Ocean ... December 21, 2020. To access USGS earthquake information without using javascript, use our Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day ATOM Feed or our other earthquake feeds . Earthquake information. Boxing Day Tsunami 2004 9.3 magnitude earthquake creates a tsunami causing devastation in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives and edges of the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people 2.3 magnitude earthquake. December 29, 2020 As a Mediterranean country, Croatia is prone to earthquakes, but big quakes are rare. 2020-12-08 23:33:39 UTC at 23:33 December 08, 2020 UTC Location: Epicenter at 35.724, -121.037 14.2 km from Lake Nacimiento (8.2 miles) Central California | December 26, 2020 11:31 PM ISTANBUL (AP) — An earthquake with a 5.3 magnitude shook Elazig province in eastern Turkey on Sunday. earthquakes today - recent and latest earthquakes, earthquake map and earthquake information. 4.9 magnitude earthquake.
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