Example- how to structure. Focus on Choreographic Approach and Improvisation. downstage right. A Linha Curva . "����@C�� �p!Nd��;^A/Ne���4�A�F��䢡]/s�Aq'+�#|��Ȼeh���Ӟ��,�>��̑�_�;hej�5-�����4��F��7v������ 0j���Lp���8�L���V�gG�;Ŷ���^3np~Co �6����>�d ^��!�14D�n��t�!����!��l����*���W�"�� ����9���q���D4�Y���8N�%�sTH�b��O�1u1mV%S4�i��� �q�F��������d�5��2e��-QD�c������t(��� They are removed as soon as the percussion begins. Description of the staging/set design. 160 0 obj <>stream Learn faster with spaced repetition. Colour is carnival inspired. Celebration of Brazilian life. AQA GCSE Dance A Linha Curva Lesson Plans and SOW (no rating) 0 customer reviews. ... A Linha Curva. back up to right arm out, left in crease, hands across chest nd belly, unzipping action. Repetitive drums. The men wear the same costume as the girls but in reverse. : 2 hours 20 minutes Rambert’s A Linha Curva and Other Works is a triple bill composed of something old, something new and something truly outstanding Study A Linha Curva Aural setting flashcards from 11DS1 Elin Douglass's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. There is a raised platform, up stage, where the four musicians perform. Galili wanted to create a celebration the Brazilian way of life and the ability to live in the moment. starts with one dancer throwing arms back into an arch and the other extending right leg to the side at low level. The stimulus for the work is Brazilian culture. Black vests with different colour Lycra shorts. Objectives and Key words Objectives: AO4 Critically appreciate own works and professional works, through making analytical, interpretive and evaluative judgements. A Linha Curva is not subtle and has no other objective than to get the audience in the mood for a party. Em matemática, uma curva é, em termos gerais, um objeto semelhante a uma linha, mas que não é obrigatoriamente reta.Tecnicamente, uma curva é o lugar geométrico ou trajetória seguida por um ponto que se move de acordo com uma ou mais leis especificadas, neste caso, as leis comporão uma condição necessária e suficiente para a existência do objeto definido. �/�?W}�� ^*�� right hand on elbow and unfolds arm fall to floor and roll over to knees roll. This mini course has two lessons. Based in Holland. These discs are there for one purpose only - to reflect the light and create an effect. H��U�N�@��+�hG�q��[�8�D performed in unison, straight line move from downstage to upstage. ��LP�>����! Study A Linha curva flashcards from Emily Bissett's ccs class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Read more. Performance Environment: A Linha Curva is performed on proscenium arch, or end on, staging. A Linha Curva means The Curved Line in Portuguese. What is this? ݬ�N�g}�1{}D�Yv�GU庨��#�J#��j��BH����C6��V5�\/�;4�b�Z���AWB�7��'�W�ת�ր���:��6{�3��������acz�,��,����_� right harm points straight out. h�bbd``b`�$���n ��$�H�0�� To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. One of the tasks set by Galili was quite simple, he asked the dancers to choreograph a very short solo (2 – 3 … Describe the lighting used in A linha Curva (2 marks) Live Feedback! Props: Six skateboards are used during section 2 to … About the ability to live in the moment. both rise slightly on and drop to the floor. Structure. E. Write in full sentences . �A����v�c�!���N�|�dy�2��xG�U��m�5�8M ��_�t;����8uI�V��S31�w�>���\�}Pe�x8t�h���L�Yψ��I�F�K�f�x�]&4׻�\��z����Y�ⱞ�{^��&8����g�z���k��l�sb��Q'4Q��f��tU�TR��a�g�@�R��ƿH��Fd��B�˝�}��B�2o�ʏjG�#Y�!� ��*T Vocals from dancers at the beginning (male) and Very loud Themes Carnival, relationships between men and women Choreographic Intention Just have fun With contradictions How Brazilian men communicate with women - hunting in packs Men showing off/competing with Curva (plural: curve) is an Italian term or name for curved stands of seating located at sports stadiums, particularly in Italy; so named, originally, due to their curved or bending shape. endstream endobj 134 0 obj <>stream Rambert, A Linha Curva Review ★★★ ★★ 21 Nov 17 – 25 Nov 17 , 19:30 Thu mat 13:30, Sat mat 14:00 Dur. It looks like your browser needs an update. A Linha Curva is performed on an empty stage. hands behind head. C. Use interesting dynamic words . GCSE Dance Knowledge Organiser – A Linha Curva Aural Setting Samba . A Linha Curva, choreographed by Itzik Galili, explodes onto the stage, giving a powerful injection of colour and carnival to the evening. A Linha Curva also has a slight story or narrative though. Preview. ��pu��;`-���z�)"�K�� 128 0 obj <> endobj G�>M��Jj-\�Fo�q����� ^Q�C�`��M��'����C�� endstream endobj 136 0 obj <>stream Use stage directions e.g. Clear changing formations - linear from side directions, DS to US, cross formation, diagonal lines, scattered, range of levels (floorwork, jumps and lifts), range in size of actions. 7 dancers performing in unison, centre stage in horizontal line. Author: Created by Mosedale93. "A Linha Curva" means The Curved Line in Portuguese. left elbow 90 degrees down. It’s rare that you hear an audience collectively gasp during a show at the Festival Theatre.But Rambert‘s audience does exactly this. 7 dancers performing in unison facing stage left in horizontal line. Created: Jan 22, 2017 | Updated: Sep 6, 2017. A Linha Curva is a vibrant ensemble piece. Please refer to Component 2: Dance appreciation for more information about the structure of the written exam. back bent. Men pursuing women. with every move take one step forward. £3.50. (posture, alignment, extension, flexibility, strength, stamina, turnout, balance and control.) Scheme of work, differentiated lesson plans including lists of homeworks, literacy and numeracy links. step up, left arm over head and hit 90 degrees angled right arm. Structure. 9 of 14. A Linha Curva GCSE Dance (8236) Anthology fact file . B. Energetic, bouncy, rapid/slow fluid sustained (Adage Septet - mysterious atmosphere) A Linha Curva: Space. ǜ���Z��r��/�d� ��Z�}>��V�[Ao��j�Y�ga]����<3�C�3 �4��w�K�i�џ�����;�~0I�;�` �qѦ O��]���5�Ip\��ε�-d6Q����U U���\���v�: �e�@}�x�Ub!N�M�Y��,�,��p}��ߩ���!��`oo������p��oY_�t4�F���� Ӑ�ZY\�X��oZ��N*jo�p,;;��D33D������R������.~�l��fQ=��/���I�rP �7�}�$f��9�h����?�4�o�؆���b���ѷ�d��U�Mi�Z�P� ��h��@��E�J�M�x����^D�-c��gD�0�swG?Q��8[�F� F��іo��5⸏b�AdBD��(.†V�Wc̸�k"$��ב�a�5?1%rR�wTa/���(ž�������8Zʱ�w4�^N�6q*�oH�v�lQ)�)Ӈ~ݵ�����]l���0����E��ҹJ=�s�?�Ixi�t����\|���H, �2�i�C��(�ҡl��t&*n(�l�$�՚�TA��ZXJUXч�sn��ѱ+�8��b�ta���b7rF[ȯ�O�{^�ɥ��1�;�m�jɰ�����¥#/����Q2�OK�� Lv�w�_�;D/�uM+y����4��H�4�ٍ��T���*�ǘJ.�8f}2���Gm�R��� 9$]�Ȑ�Mºc5n���AsNq�;?�.�y H"��G��[J[nÂȑdk�g����!�q����- YV�Ė�t^���^�D�������ML��&᧩WH��X��MGNřL��͆��9(D:�'M���0 ���