Cyclone Amphan has strengthened to the equivalent of a strong Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, or a super typhoon in the West Pacific. Though there have been two or three super cylones in the past, Super Cyclone Amphan is only the second after the Odisha Super Cyclone of 1999 to form in the North Indian Ocean. The most powerful cyclone to hit Bangladesh and eastern India in more than 20 years tore down homes, carried cars down flooded streets and claimed the lives of up to 20 people. Super Cyclone Amphan tracker: India and Bangladesh brace for catastrophic 115mph storm India and Bangladesh were evacuating millions as Cyclone Amphan approached from the Bay of … Available for everyone, funded by readers. SHELTERBOX IS A CHARITY, INDEPENDENT OF ROTARY INTERNATIONAL AND THE ROTARY FOUNDATION. Amphan was the first “super cyclone” to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999, and packed winds gusting up to 185km/h at sea. SHELTERBOX TRUST IS A REGISTERED CHARITY (1096479) AND A LIMITED COMPANY IN ENGLAND AND WALES (04612652), VAT REGISTERED. Amphan was the first “super cyclone” to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999, and packed winds gusting up to 185km/h at sea. Cyclone Amphan wreaked havoc in India and Bangladesh in May. On May 20, Super Cyclone Amphan was expected to make landfall in the Indian state of West Bengal. The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, estimated there were 10-12 deaths in her state, though not all were immediately confirmed. In 1999 super cyclone left nearly 10,000 dead in India’s Odisha state, eight years after a typhoon, tornadoes and flooding killed 139,000 in Bangladesh. "It intensified into an extremely severe cyclonic storm at 2:30am today. Amphan, qualified as the first Super Cyclone of the century in the Bay of Bengal damages almost the en re South 24 Parganas district due to its huge wind speed and … Nearly 3m people were evacuated - most of them in Bangladesh - … Bangladesh’s low-lying coast, home to 30 million people, and India’s east are regularly battered by cyclones that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in recent decades. Strong winds tore down electricity pylons, walls and buildings, with full scale of damage still being estimated, Thu 21 May 2020 06.43 BST In southwest Bangladesh, a 1.5 metre surge broke an embankment and swamped farmland, police said. Houses “look like they have been run over by a bulldozer”, said Babul Mondal, 35, a villager on the edge of the Indian side of the Sundarbans. It brought a storm surge – … Super Cyclone Amphan is forecast to make landfall Wednesday morning near the border of the two countries. People have been struggling to rebuild lost livelihoods and find reliable food sources. We have supported families in India who have been badly affected by the devastating cyclone. Read more about what happened, facts about Cyclone Amphan, and how ShelterBox is helping. Infection numbers are still soaring in both countries. Falling trees and chunks of concrete carried by the powerful winds were also blamed for the deaths in India. Enamur Rahman, Bangladesh’s junior minister for disaster management, said 2.4 million people and over half a million livestock were brought to shelters. It developed into a Super Cyclone in less than 48 hours. We have prioritised vulnerable families who need help the most. The name ‘Amphan’ means ‘sky’. Amphan is the first "super cyclone" to form over the Bay of Bengal since 1999, and packed winds gusting up to 185 kilometres (115) per hour. Super Cyclone Amphan has now weakened into a deep depression, losing steam rapidly after landfall. Amphan hit Sundarbans on Wednesday evening as a Very Severe Storm with a … In this article, We will go through important facts on Super Cyclone Amphan. Cyclone Amphan uprooted trees and toppled homes in both countries, including in the Indian city of Kolkata in West Bengal. Last modified on Thu 21 May 2020 06.47 BST. © 2021 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. India and Bangladesh are evacuating millions of people from coastal areas ahead of a super cyclone which is approaching from the Bay of Bengal. “We still haven’t got the actual picture of the damage. You can give people shelter by supporting us today. Cyclone Amphan causes havoc in India and Bangladesh The eastern Indian city of Kolkata has been devastated by a powerful cyclone which has … New Delhi: Cyclone Amphan turned in to a "super cyclonic storm" on Monday morning, the weather office said, hours after it intensified in to an "extremely severe cyclonic storm". Reports suggest that power lines are down in many areas, trees have been uprooted, roofs were torn off and large areas are inundated with floodwater. Nisarga was the second cyclone to strike the Indian subcontinent within two weeks time, after Cyclone Amphan, the first super cyclonic storm to have formed in the Bay of Bengal in the 21st century, devastated the state of West Bengal in May 2020. New Delhi, May 18: Cyclone 'Amphan' intensified into a super cyclonic storm on Monday and is likely to move across the northeast Bay of Bengal, and cross the … The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday that Cyclone Amphan has turned into a "super cyclonic storm" this morning and is likely to … That morning, as the wind picked up, Mitali Mondol and … Forecasters also warned there could be storm surges of several metres. The storm wreaked havoc, with winds of up to 185 km/h along with heavy rain and sea surges. "The whole of the southern part of … You can give people shelter by supporting us today. If we act now, we can help limit the spread of coronavirus. But shelter can save lives by: By slowing the spread of the virus, shelter can save lives. Cyclone Amphan is … Super cyclone Amphan: India and Bangladesh brace for 98mph winds amid coronavirus pandemic. It was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the River Ganges Delta since 1999. India evacuated more than 650,000 in West Bengal and Odisha. Authorities began surveying the damage Thursday after millions spent a sleepless night which saw 165km/h (102mph) winds carrying away trees, electricity pylons, walls and roofs, and transformer stations exploding. It was an impossible situation for all involved. Thousands of homes have been damaged, and further heavy rains and thunderstorms are continuing to batter the affected areas. Amphan is the first super cyclone to hit the region in the last two decades since a super cyclone hit Odisha in 1999 causing widespread damage and loss of life. Families will be able to build stronger, more durable shelters that will help them face the challenges of the months to come. While the Centre has so far provided Rs 1,000 crore financial assistance to the Bengal government to fight the devastation caused by the Super Cyclone, the … Cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes are all tropical storms. NEW DELHI: Global warming can cause marine heatwaves — which played a key role in turning Cyclone Amphan into a super cyclone earlier this … Coronavirus is a deadly risk for vulnerable families who have lost their homes. In Bangladesh officials said they were waiting for reports from the Sundarbans, a Unesco world heritage site famed for its mangrove forest and population of endangered Bengal tigers, which bore the brunt of the storm. irus, shelter can save lives. Super Cyclone Amphan Super Cyclone Amphan started as a depression in the southeast Bay of Bengal on 16th May 2020. Such walls of water can cascade several kilometres inland and are often the main killers in major weather systems. All rights reserved. We are particularly concerned over some wild animals. The West Bengal capital, Kolkata, awoke to flooded streets with some cars window-deep in water. Two states- … A panel, made up of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Maldives, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand, names cyclones in the region. The storm, thought to be one of the most powerful in a … Together with our partner Habitat for Humanity India, we have been supporting 1,400 families in the Sundarban Islands, one of the areas worst hit by Amphan. Government officials worked hard to make decisions that would keep people safe from both the storm and the virus, but in some cases, these were competing priorities . Bangladesh officials said eight people had died, including a five-year-old boy and a 75-year-old man, both hit by falling trees, and a cyclone emergency volunteer who drowned. The only difference is where they form. It is the first super cyclone to form in the Bay of Bengal since 1999. Families have received shelter kits to enable them to repair or replace damaged and destroyed homes. Authorities in both countries sent masks and sanitiser but social distancing was virtually impossible as families packed into reinforced schools, government buildings and community halls. This was a choice faced by millions of people in mid-May, as historic super-cyclone Amphan made landfall in eastern India and Bangladesh. Distributions are now complete. It was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the River Ganges Delta since 1999. The cyclone weakened as it moved along the Bangladesh coast but still unleashed heavy rains and fierce winds in Cox’s Bazar, the district which houses about one million Rohingya refugees from violence in Myanmar. This includes single-parent households, communities marginalised from society and those living in extreme poverty. Cyclone Amphan is a disaster bigger than Covid-19, said Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of the east Indian state of West Bengal. Because of coronavirus, authorities used extra shelter space to reduce crowding, while making face masks compulsory and setting aside isolation rooms. And with coronavirus cases in India continuing to increase, it has never been more vital for families to have the space to self-isolate and avoid sharing items like cooking sets. It began by hitting the Sundarbans, around the India-Bangladesh border, before moving towards the historic city of Kolkata. We have also provided blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, kitchen sets and hygiene kits with soap, buckets and face masks. Learn more about cyclones here. The MeT department stated that Cyclone Amphan, formed in the Bay of Bengal with Odisha and West Bengal in its crosshairs, is likely to become a super cyclone in 12 hours. Helping families to self-isolate and stay as healthy as possible, ping to adapt or expand a vulnerable family’s home to ease overcrowding and allow social distancing, Helping to reduce sharing of essential household items between families. Super cyclone ''Amphan'' weakened into an extremely severe cyclonic storm on Tuesday as it moved closer to the coast, triggering rainfall in several … We have provided shelter kits to enable families to repair or replace damaged and destroyed homes. During the last super cyclone in 1999, nearly 15,000 villages … A selection of hardwearing tools and materials will allow families to build shelters so they can follow social distancing guidelines, Coated with insecticide, our mosquito nets offer an extra layer of protection from insect-borne diseases like malaria or dengue fever, Blankets help families stay warm and protect themselves from the cold. May. Families in the states of West Bengal and Odisha were affected the worst. It destroyed houses and crops, and cut power supplies to cities and towns. It destroyed houses and crops, and cut power supplies to cities and towns. Amphan is just the second super cyclone to hit the Bay of Bengal since records began. Millions of people lost their home, at a time when they needed it the most to protect from coronavirus. In 2007 Cyclone Sidr left more than 3,500 dead in Bangladesh. Super Cyclone formations are very rare in the Indian Ocean region but you might have observed a very frequent formation of Cyclones in tropical latitudes. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan is about 730 km nearly south of Paradip (Odisha), 890 km south-southwest of Digha (West Bengal) and 1010 km south-southwest of Khepupara (Bangladesh). Cyclone Amphan (pronounced Cyclone Um–Pan) started making landfall on Wednesday 20 May. In mid-May, Cyclone Amphan tore through coastal regions of Bangladesh and north-east India. Bangladesh officials said the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans had borne the brunt. Millions across India and Bangladesh were left without power, officials said. Amphan is packing winds of … The name Amphan was chosen by Thailand in 2004. From Syria, to Ethiopia, to the Philippines – conflicts, disasters and coronavirus have left thousands homeless and vulnerable. It is the first super cyclone to form in the Bay of Bengal since 1999. The Super Cyclone Amphan is moving over west-central and adjoining central parts of the South Bay of Bengal near latitude 13.7°N and longitude 86.2 °E. These everyday items will help people keep themselves safe from coronavirus and begin to think about the future. We’re preparing to run remote training, including sharing our expertise on framing and bracing techniques using bamboo, the building material most commonly used in these communities. Finally, it made landfall in the evening hours of 20th May 2020 through … In India alone, 1.7 million homes were destroyed. Much of the city of 15 million people was plunged into darkness as transformer stations exploded. In mid-May, Cyclone Amphan tore through coastal regions of Bangladesh and north-east India. Cyclones form south of the equator, typhoons form in the West Pacific Ocean, and hurricanes form in the tropical Atlantic and the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Families have also received blankets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, kitchen sets and hygiene kits with soap, buckets and face masks. Through our partner Habitat for Humanity India, we have delivered the aid and provided information for families on how best to use it. The Odisha Super Cyclone remains the strongest cyclone in the history of cyclones in this region,” said Mohapatra. It brought a storm surge – a wall of ocean water that is often one of the main killers in major weather systems – that roared inland. The storm wreaked havoc, with winds of up to 185 km/h along with heavy rain and sea surges. It’s not just families in India who need your support right now. In May 2020, residents of the coastal districts of Bangladesh suffered enormous damage due to the super cyclone Amphan. Forecasters warn of extensive damage from … Widespread relief that the evacuation of more than 3 million people from coastal villages had averted the horrific death tolls of past storms was tempered by fears of the coronavirus pandemic spreading in crowded shelters. They can be washed away during storm surge in high tide,” forest chief Moyeen Uddin Khan said.

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